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"Protecting the client-accountant relationship"

We support all measures that will improve: the ease of doing business, quality of service delivery, and responsible financial reporting.

As accountants we place our clients first. This means that CIBA fights for the right of accountants and their clients to do business free from bureaucracy and red tape.

We believe that everyone living in South Africa has the right to own a business that can freely produce, market and sell their goods to customers.

The role of accountants is to ensure that their employer's or client's businesses run better so as to improve profitability. This means better salaries for workers and more taxes for social upliftment.

We therefore oppose any form of red-tape, poorly drafted laws, unreasonable regulations, and fruitless and wasteful expenditure that hinder accountants from delivering on their mandate, or excludes any accountant from earning a living.

We actively engage regulatory authorities and present the views of accountants and their clients, and ensure the continuous appreciation of accountants as essential service providers.

There are also many other reasons why accountants join CIBA.


Professional membership increases employability.

Research by the Finance and Accounting Services Seta (FASSET) and the Robert Half indicates the shortage of competent accountants in economies. The South African NDP and World Bank ROSC report highlighted the need and importance of accountants to keep account of government and business finances. This all means that African economies require accountants whose competencies have been verified.CIBA does this through awarding designations.

The Robert Half Salary Survey 2020 found that accountants with a designation earn more and are more likely to be promoted. According to the report "CFOs report bottom-line benefits of companies footing the bill for professional certification. 41% cite increased productivity and 30% cite improved retention" ..."As a result firms are offering higher pay, along with improved benefits and perks".

Earning a designation enhances your professional image and reputation.

International Mobility

CIBA is a recognised professional body in South Africa and Namibia

CIBA is a full voting member of the IAFEI, the global body for FDs and CFOs. IAFEI is a CAG member of IFAC contributing to the development of international standards. IAFEI is represented in 20 countries from Brazil to China, and are represented in global forums together with the World Bank, UN, EU, CFE and others. We annually host a CFO World Congress.

CIBA is a recognised professional body in South Africa and Namibia meaning that our members can provide regulated work in both countries.

CIBA Membership and Designations

For students and members of other professional bodies. An entry point to our designations.

Typical roles eligible for the designation include: Bookkeeper, Assistant accountant, Accountant, Assessors, Finance administrator, Payroll administrator, Tax accountant, and similar.

Typical roles eligible for the designation include: Accounting officer, tax practitioner, compiler, preparer, assurance provider, business advisor, indepdenent reviewer, business rescue practitioner, commissioner of oaths, etc:

Typical roles eligible for the designation include: Financial manager, Finance Controller, Credit Controller, Comptroller, Corportate Controller, Finance lawyer, Commercial lawyer, Investment bankers, Relationship Manager, Relationship banker, Procurement Manager, Treasury Analyst, etc.

Typical roles eligible for the designation include: Chief financial officer, Finance director, Finance executive, Head of finance, Chief accountant, Senior financial manager, etc.

International Recognition

IAFEI is the global society for finance executives and represents more than 21000 CFOs, FD, FMs in more than 21 countries. CIBA is a member of IAFEI and CIBA CBA(SA) and CFO(SA) members gain access to a network of global finance executives

IAFEI is a member of the Consultative Advisory Group of the International Federation of Accountants. CIBA has adopted the IFAC Code of Conduct and Engagement Standards and complies with SMO 1 – 7 as issued by IFAC.

CIMA is the global body for management accountants and provides exemption for CIBA designations including the CFO Programme.

Local Recognition

In the Government Gazette R421 dated 30 May 2014, it was approved that the CIBA members with the designation BAP(SA) are ex officio (by reason of the designation they hold) Commissioners of Oaths in terms of the Act.

CIBA members that have obtained the designation Business Accountant in Practice (BAP(SA)) are recognised as accounting officers in terms of section 60 of the Close Corporations Act, 1984.

In terms of Section 30(7) of the Companies Act, 2008 CIBA members with the designation BAP(SA) that have completed the CIBA Independent review assessment may perform independent reviews for companies with a PI Score of less than 100 points.

CIBA is an accredited professional body for business rescue practitioner status in terms of Section 138(1) of the Companies Act 2008. CIBA members that have obtained the designation Business Accountant in Practice (BAP) may apply to become a Business Rescue Practitioner.

CIBA members that have obtained the designation Business Accountant in Practice (BAP(SA)) may issue a certificate or a factual finding report for persons applying for a Business Visa.

Representation / Committees

CIBA is a member of the CIPC Liaison Committee representing the interest of the accounting sector with the Companies Commission.

CIBA is a member of the Financial Reporting Standards Technical Committee. The FRSC is a created in terms of Section 204 of the Companies Act, 2008 to advise the Minister of Trade and Industry on the adoption of Financial Reporting Standards.

The Companies Commission established a Business Rescue Liaison Committee to represent the interest of the Business Rescue profession.

Professional Body Recognition

CIBA signed a mutual recognition agreement with the South African Institute of Tax Professionals. CIBA members that have been awarded a CIBA designation receive 50% discount of SAIT membership.

CIBA signed a mutual recognition agreement with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. CIBA members that have been awarded a CIBA designation exemption for CIMA levels 1, 2 and 3.

CIBA signed a mutual recognition agreement with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. ICB members that have obtained an NQF 6 (old) qualification may apply for CIBA BAP(SA) status.

University Accreditation

The MBL programme of the UNISA School for Business Leadership has been accredited by CIBA for the attainment of the CFO(SA) designation.

The B.Acc and B.Com (Accounting) programmes of the UFS has been accredited by CIBA for the attainment of the BA(SA) and BAP(SA) designations.

The Diploma in Accountancy; Advanded Diplomas in Accountancy and Internal Auditing; and the Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Taxation programmes of CPUT have been accredited by CIBA for the attainment of the BA(SA) and BAP(SA) designations.

The Certified Rescue Analyst Programme from UP has been accredited by CIBA for the attainment of the Business Rescue License.

The Programme in Business Rescue from UJ has been accredited by CIBA for the attainment of the Business Rescue License.

B.Com Accounting and the B.Com Financial Accounting from UWC has been accredited by CIBA for the attainment of the BA(SA) and BAP(SA) designations.


The highest rated online accounting news site in Africa.

CIBA owns and publishes www.accountingweekly.com providing investigative journalism and news aggregation covering developments and trends in the accountancy profession.

CIBA owns and publishes www.cfotalks.com providing CFO interviews, global CFO news and developments, world-wide CFO events, and news about IFAC and IAFEI. The platform attracts new CFOs to join CIBA and earn their designation CFO(SA).

Our annual integrated report is published in our official magazine www.bandareview.com. This is published once a year and provides a holistic update on our activities for the year and financial results. This is our business card - in magazine format.

In 2019 CIBA established the CIBA Academy as the centralised platform for all our membership entry exams, CPD, licences, and executive education. Satisfy your CPD requirements with a broad catalogue of courses, seminars, conferences and webinars for every stage of your career.


CIBA members that subscribe to the CIBA Quick Update CPD subscription package (or higher) qualify for technical support.

Click here to read more on how this works, and how to access your subscription and technical support.

MAZARS is a firm of registered auditors. CIBA members can outsource their BBBEE verification and advisory services to MAZARS. The client remains that of the CIBA members but the service is performed by MAZARS.

CIBA has established a network of retired practitioners to provide mentorship to young and aspiring practitioners. Click here to read more on how this works.

Risk Mitigation

CIBA members that have been awarded a designation qualify for professional indemnity cover at lowest industry rates. Read more about your indemnity:


CIBA members qualify for up to 10% discount on Draftworx products. Draftworx automates the preparation of working papers and financial statements in terms of IFRS, IFRS for SME and Cash bases of accounting

Read more about the benefits of Draftworx

QBOA is available to CIBA members at no cost if you sign up 3 new clients to using QuickBooks software.



Sharing resources and building connections

We support more than 9000 finance professionals, including junior bookkeepers, accountants, financial managers and finance executives or Chief Financial Officers, with furthering their careers and gaining more clients.

CIBA members organise regional forums to share information and assistance on various issues including practice management, and improving SARS and CIPC system efficiencies. At these events you make great friends and are able to collaborate with other firms. Go to our training website, www.saiba.academy, for regular updates on what is happening and where.

Our annual member convention incorporates the latest policy developments, practice management guidance, and technical legislative updates. We also do regular events with our sponsors to promote better ways of making money, serving clients, and building practice efficiencies. Other events are hosted with government to connect accountants with SMEs, NPOs, SEDA and other entities in need of accountants and advisors. Go to our training website, www.saiba.academy, for regular updates on what is happening and where.

An informal Whatsapp group for CIBA members in a specific region. Used to ask and share practice related issues, problems, tips, and solutions. Click here to read more how this works.


Keeping you smart and updated

Members of all professional bodies must maintain their CPD points. CIBA ascribes to the IFAC Code of Ethics and SMOs, and are required by SAQA to set, offer, and monitor business accountant compliance to CPD.

Our CPD policy is outcomes based and requires members to demonstrate competence in CPD topics. We are more strict than other bodies to ensure your technical skills are up to date. In return we provide an online CPD certificate in blockchain that we use to inform and lobby for more work to be allocated to you from government and SMEs

We require the following CPD points from each designation type as achieved through CPD assessment after each CPD event: BA(SA) = 20 points, CBA(SA) = 30 points, CFO(SA) = 40 points, BAP(SA) = 40 points.

The CIBA CPD programme is the most affordable and wide ranging of all CPD programmes offered in Southern Africa. We offer CPD in a subscription format meaning you pay a very small monthly amount to gain all the information and topics you need to maintain your status as an accredited and designated accountant.

Go to www.saiba.academy to read more

Practice management

Helping you grow a quality practice

CIBA and TaxShop provide regular Practice Management training session for CIBA members. These session aims to help you develop the skills to run a successful practice.

CIBA and QuickBooks hosts an annual Practice Management Conference over a 2 day period covering all aspects of practice management.

CIBA and Terrapin host the largest exhibition and mini-seminars for accountants, tax practitioners, auditors, and advisors in South Africa

A number of guides is available covering all aspects of running a practice from start-up to retirement.

Client referral

Let us help you get more clients

If you become a QuickBooks Certified Online Accountant you will receive clients referrals from new SME that purchase QuickBooks.

If you volunteer your professional services as part of www.npoassist.co.za, the nation-building project between CIBA-SAIT-DSD, you will gain valuable experience and an opportunity to source a new client.

Participate in the "Accountant of the Month" competition as managed by CIBA and be profiled on the CIBA website and in www.accountingweekly.com, allowing you to promote your firm to potential new clients.

CIBA utilised a unique blockchain certification process to securely confirm your CPD achievements. Use these certificates on your website and in social media to attract new clients.

Accounting officer

From Close Corporations to Schools - you are in high demand

More than 10 statues require the appointment of an accounting officer to issue a compliance report on the affairs of the entity. CIBA is one of only 8 professional bodies whose members may perform this service.

We support our accounting officers with extensive guides, tools, example engagement letters, and reports/

Specialist licences

Accounting Officer with a chip on their shoulder

CIBA develops advanced licences for members that wish to specilise in an area of accountancy such as Independent review, Business rescue, Immigration accounting, Audit support services, and much more.

Specialist licences allows you to stand out from the crowd, charge higher fees and attract high quality clients.

Become a CIBA Member

Join us and become part of an exclusive accounting community.

R1360 pa