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The Business Accounting Review is a digital and printed magazine, with now an online blog, featuring our best stories from throughout the year. The BA Review is the flagship publication of CIBA, targeted at Accounting and Finance Professionals. This magazine is our commitment to developing a truly indigenous accountancy profession in Southern Africa.

New IFAC president warns against exclusivity in accounting profession

Asmâa Resmouki, newly elected president of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), says that the accounting profession can no longer be “an exclusive, top-heavy club”. She called on professional accounting bodies to widen their membership base by including finance professionals with intermediary and entry-level qualifications: “There should be a lower barrier to entry and a lower cost to qualify.


Are accounting standards political and not in SA’s best interest?

‘Accounting standards are not set by national governments or world regulators like the World Bank or the UN – they are set by a voluntary organisation of volunteers’: CIBA CEO -Nicolaas van Wyk
Listen to the full story here.

Source: Moneyweb


New Africa-wide association set to boost CFO role in Africa

With a continent increasingly characterised by corporate scandals, cyber threats, new technology, transparency requirements and an ever-changing regulatory environment, the demands on the modern CFO have become greater than ever before.


CIBA to lead Africa in global body for financial executives (IAFEI)

Following the 46th annual CFO World Congress, recently hosted by Chartered Institute for Business Accountants (CIBA) in Cape Town, CIBA is continuing to set benchmarks for Africa financial leaders.


Cyber crime in SA major concern for experts

With the results of the election being finalised the global body for CFOs sees no respite for the pressures faced by public sector CFOs and municipal finance managers.


CIBA to host 46th IAFEI world congress on Africa driving global change

A first for Africa, Chartered Institute for Business Accountants (CIBA) will host the 46th IAFEI World Congress for Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) in Cape Town from 9 – 11 November 2016.


Audits are not the answer for NPO Sector

Overbearing and unnecessary audit requirements imposed on the NPO sector are preventing NPOs from delivering much needed aid to rural South Africa.