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Helping organisations to equip their employees to grow in their profession

CIBA offers Corporate Membership which assists organisations in ensuring their employees become professionals and are supported in their growth and development throughout every stage of their career.

Any corporate company that wants to enhance their finance department and seeking professional growth and affiliation.

Registered company in terms of Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) requirements.
**Individual employees seeking designations will be assessed in according to our designation requirements.

Step 1
Complete the application form and attach all necessary documents

Step 2
Send the application form to membership@saiba.org.za

Step 3
CIBA will issue the admin invoice and send it to you for payment. Once payment has been received CIBA will commence with the assessment process.

Step 4
CIBA will issue an approval letter stating with a list of employees and relevant designations awarded plus an annual membership invoice.

Step 5
Once payment or payment arrangement has been made, CIBA will issue relevant certification and grant your employees access to the membership benefits and rewards.

Administration Fees

Administration fee is a once off payment, it is issued based on the number of employees to be registered, it is payable prior to application assessment
0 – 10 Employees – R500
11 – 20 Employees – R 1000
21 – 30 Employees - R1500
31 and above – R2000

Membership Fees

Click here to view the membership fees. 15% corporate membership fee discount will apply.

All CIBA corporate members(individually) are required to complete the continuing professional development (CPD) per annum as per the CIBA CPD policy. CPD is required by law from all accountants in South African that has earned a designation. It shows your commitment to lifelong learning and must be obtained from CIBA.


Corporate Members will receive discounts and value adds for all areas in which they participate

Membership Discounts (Terms & Conditions apply)

CIBA Membership fees are renewable annually per membership type & designation.

  • Up to 15% discounts on individual membership.
  • Members that have been awarded a CIBA Designation through exemption (https://saiba.org.za/join/exemptions) receive 50% discount of CIBA annual membership fee.

Continuing Professional Development (CDP)

  • CIBA Designation holders that invest in their own development are aware of legislative changes and developments in the profession and are therefore better equipped to advise on and benefit from these changes.
  • Through CPD, they demonstrate their commitment to develop both at personal and professional level.
  • CIBA will provide individual members with selected free monthly webinars*
  • Corporate members will get an opportunity to attend seminars at a discounted rate, i.e. 10% discount on Corporate CPD Subscription fees.

Accounting Software

CIBA has signed mutual recognition agreements with the following firms and all members are afforded the opportunity to receive corporate discounts when purchasing any software from our partners:

  • Draftworks
  • Quickbooks
  • Fathom
  • Smart Practice
  • Ignition
  • The taxshop

Mutual Recognition

CIBA has entered into an several MOUs to offer CIBA members access to various benefits.

  • CIMA
    CIBA members have access to step into the CIMA learning experience, allowing CIBA members to become Chartered Management Accountants (CMA). The CMA designation leads to a Certified Public Accountants (CPA) with the AICPA.
  • Legal Sense
    CIBA members based in South Africa and Namibia have access to a Legal Phone In Helpline, provided by LegalSense. A phone in service to a qualified attorney for business and personal legal issue
  • Mazars
    CIBA Advisory Firms Strategic Alliances widens the scope of CIBA firms to support a wide range of clients in all types of industries. These Strategic Alliances do not create a new entity and all parties remain independent, however formal lines of communication, contact persons, and staff resources are allocated to support allied firms operating within the Strategic Alliances
  • First Equity Professional Liability (FEPL)
    CIBA in association with FEPL have structured a unique offering for CIBA Members to address these risks, at highly preferential rates. The CIBA Professional Indemnity Insurance is available for free to BAP(SA) designation holders and other designation holders can obtain it at a discounted rate.

CIBA provide top quality technical support free of charge to members in good standing