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"We believe that all SMEs deserve a trusted business advisor"

The only designation that makes you the "outsourced CFO" for millions of SMEs


Recognised in more than 10 statutes and regulations this designation makes you an accountant in practice, accounting officer, independent reviewer and independent accounting professional. You can perform work in South Africa and Namibia.

Where you fit in

If you would like the opportunity to start your own accounting practice and work with a range of clients including Companies. Close Corporations, Schools, Insurance Intermediaries, Non-Profit Organisations, Credit Providers, Co-Operatives, Sectional Titles, BBBEE, DTI Grants, CIPC and SARS, then the BAP(SA) is the right designation for you.

The BAP(SA) designation places you in charge of your client's accounting cycle making you an indispensable business partner. It equips you to: develop the financial plan that will support the clients business model, implement control systems and process transactions, prepare budgets and finance reports, prepare and analyse financial statements, issue assurance and non-assurance reports, file returns and perform tax planning.

The BAP(SA) designation is the pathway to achieving a CIBA license, helping you move from generalist to specialist.

Strategic Financial executive Certified Financial Officer(SA) Click here
Management Financial manager Certified Business Accountant(SA) Click here
Operational Financial adminstrator Business Accountant(SA) Click here
Practice Accountant in Practice Business Accountant in Practice(SA) Click here

Our designations have been carefully researched and aligned to industry norms and regulations. Each designation is based on a set of competencies that reflect the expertise required for each level within the finance department.

Steps to becoming a Business Accountant in Practice(SA)

If this is you then apply for the BAP(SA)

  • Accountant that wil be offering accountancy services to the public for a fee. Accountancy services include: accounting, auditing support, tax, management accounting, compliance and statutory services, and business advisory services.
  • Typical roles eligible for the designation include: Accounting officer, tax practitioner, compiler, prepared, assurance provider, business advisor.
  • Persons from any nationality that may have an interest in Souther Africa.

The job descriptions associated with a BAP(SA)

There are a variety of job descriptions associated with the BAP(SA) designation. This short summary explains more about what is expected of a BAP(SA) within the finance department.

Statutory criteria

BAP(SA) is an official designation registered in terms of the National Qualifications Framework Act, 67 of 2008. The entry criteria for the designation as published in Government Gazette is:

  • Qualification requirement:
    • Commerce based National Diploma or Degree from an accredited institute of higher learning, that includes the 5 following subjects: Accounting III, Auditing II, Tax II, Management Accounting II, Corporate Law II.
    • If your qualifications did not include the above you may be eligible to write a CIBA accredited assessment based on RPL. Click here to read more.
    • Alternative qualifications and exemptions may be applicable, for example professional levels achieved from a professional body. Click here to read more
    • NQF7 or higher
    • For foreign qualifications, evaluation by SAQA is required. Please click here for more information
  • Experience requirement:
    • 4 years relevant experience in finance department specific to accounting and tax, or 3 years as a trainee in practice
    • Experience will be verified by way of a logbook completed by employer and correlation with credit bureaus
  • Assessment:
    • Completion of a course and assessment in ethics.
    • Completion of the CIBA Annual Practice License. Click here to read more
  • Private practice:
    • BAP(SA) holders may act in private practice e.g. only BAP(SA) holders are allowed to act as accountants in private practice or as accounting officers.

The application process and post-designation requirements

  1. Application
    • Click the Join us button to the right.
    • Register as a CIBA Associate. You will be redirected to a secure online payment portal to pay your CIBA Associate fee.
    • Complete the BAP(SA) application form and confirm you are a person in good standing.
  2. Qualification
    • Submit certified copies of your ID and latest CV
    • Submit certified copies of academic transcripts. Make sure you have the required subjects or obtain them via the CIBA Academy
    • Provide proof of relevant qualifications:
      • A completed qualification for example:
        • National Diploma: Accounting, Cost and management, Management, Entrepeneurship, etc.
        • B Com: Accounting
        • B Com: Investment
        • B Com: Business Management.
        • B Com: Cost and Management.
        • B Com: Internal Audit
        • B Com: Economics
        • B Com: Financial sciences
        • B Com: Law
        • B Com: Marketing Management
        • Etc.
      • or
      • Having passed professional levels from an accredited professional accounting body e.g.
        • CIMA Certificate, Operational and Management levels.
        • ICB Financial Accounting.
        • ACCA Advanced diploma in accounting and business.
      • or
      • A SAQA evaluation and alignment certificate indicating the comparative South African qualification if the qualification was obtained from a Non South African Institute of higher learning
      • or
      • Relevant prior learning obtained in the from of part qualifications, modules, short courses or similar courses completed and which CIBA has recognised for membership purposes. In this case the experience requirements are adjusted to 10 years demonstratable experience within an accounting firm environment.
      • or
      • Membership of a professional body that ascribes to the membership criteria of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) or a professional body with whom CIBA has signed a membership agreement, and whom CIBA has recognised for membership purposes.
  3. Experience
    • Complete the workplace experience assessment and confirmation by employer.
  4. Payment
    • You will be redirected to a secure online payment portal to pay your BAP(SA) designation fee. This can be paid annually or monthly via debit order.
  5. Evaluation
    • We will evaluate your application and supporting documents.
    • Once your application is approved we will email you confirmation of registration and certificate.
  • Ethics

    Complete the CIBA endorsed CIMA course in ethics and assessment. This must be repeated annually and must be obtained within 6 months of being awarded a designation.

  • Practice environment
  • Complete Part 1 and Part 2 of the CIBA Annual Practice Licence within 6 months of obtaining your CIBA BAP(SA) designation.

  • CPD

    A BAP(SA) needs to log 40 hours continuing professional development (CPD) per annum. CPD is required by law from all accountants in South African that have earned a designation. It shows your commitment to lifelong learning, and must be obtained from CIBA. Click here to book your CIBA CPD program

As a Business Accountant in Practice (SA) or BAP(SA) you gain recognition in the following ways:

  • A SAQA recognised designation
  • Statutory recognition as Accounting Officer
  • Statutory recognition as Commissioner of Oaths
  • Statutory recognition as Independent reviewer
  • Statutory recognition as Business Rescue Practitioner
  • Recognition as Accountant in Practice
  • Recognition as a Business Advisor
  • Recognition as a Management Consultant
  • Recognition as Tax Practitioner through our mutual recognition agreement with SAIT
  • Exemption to CIMA level 1 and level 2
  • Essential services under lockdown level 4
  • Access to job opportunities
  • Access to clients
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Access to accounting news and developments
  • Networking opportunities
  • Personal and professional development seminars and free webinars
  • Pathway to specialist licenses
  • Option 1: Upgrade to BAP(SA) + CPD
      For an additional amount of R800 pm * 3 months or R2160 pa we will provide you with:
    1. Quick Update CPD - Monthly webinar updates on compliance topics related to SARS, CIPC, IRBA, IFRS, Professional body guides, Labour law, FIC, and big law updates. CPD is offered by the CIBA learning academy.
  • Option 2: Upgrade to BAP(SA) + CPD + Specialist Licenses
      For an additional amount of R2468 pm * 3 months or R7400 pa we will provide you with:
    1. Quick Update CPD - Monthly webinar update on topics related to SARS, CIPC, IRBA, IFRS, Professional body guides, Labour law, FIC, and big law updates.
    2. Any two licenses available on CIBA Academy's Specialise page, excluding:
      • Business Rescue,
      • Procurement License and
      • ESG Reporting License

Contact us

  • Contact us on 012 643 1800 or send an email to membership@myciba.org should you require more information about the process.

Become a BAP(SA)

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BAP(SA) + CPD + Specialist licenses

Do CPD and specialise

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  • Gain accreditation as a professional accountant